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Recent Pop-By's

Magic Wand

This gift can serve as either a closing gift or a Pop-By. This is a custom magic wand that includes the client's name and a quote that says, "Make your own Magic." Total Cost $10.


Custom Pens

Using my GlowForge Laser Cutter and Engraver, it can be fun creating the wonderful Pop-By's for clients, friends, and acquaintances alike. These generally take 10-15 minutes to produce from design to cut. 


Undying orchid

Using the GlowForge, I created this Pop-By for my mortgage lender Emily. She loves to collect orchids and it only made sense to make her an orchid she doesn't have to take care of that will live forever. 


Cutting Board

This is a cutting board that was ordered in Bulk from Amazon. I used the Laser Engraver to create a custom engraving for my client. The images are from a template I purchased on Adobe Stock and I can add any name I want for clients. 


Business Easel

Purchased the Easel from the $5 Store and created one of these for each type of client. Whatever they do, you can add "Whisperer" do it and it's a pretty big hit (Ex. The Tax Whisperer). 


I'm the Boss Masks

Purchased the masks in bulk from Amazon then used a Cricut to create the "I'm The Boss" iron on vinyl and then transferred them to the masks. I give them to couples and have created a variation that says, "She's The Boss."


$2 Birthday Bill

The US Treasury actually creates these $2 Birthday Bills in a number of themes. You can either mail them out or deliver them in person. They are legal tender and certainly something that won't be forgotten. 


4th of July Flip-flops

Can be purchased from the Dollar Store a few weeks before Independence Day for $1 to share with clients. 


Engraved pens for the hats we wear

Created these engraved pens as a collection for the different hats we wear. Clients love them.


Door opener

Ordered from Alibaba in bulk, these custom door openers were very popular during the pandemic. I still hate opening doors if I have a choice.


Welcome to the neighborhood 

Occasionally in some nice neighborhoods, I will buy a jumbo card and door knock the immediate area and ask the neighbors to sign a card welcoming their new neighbor to the neighborhood. I ask them to add their house number and later I write thank you cards to each of the neighbors. 


Dad's Rootbeer

Did someone say Father's Day. Sometimes the best Father's Day gift is the one that can be consumed. 


Named Custom bags

Bags were ordered from Amazon, created the quotes and names on the Cricut Vinyl Cutter and then heat transferred them to the bag. 


Closing Cutting Board

Purchased the "Olive Wood" cutting board from Ross, then applied resin to create the water effect, afterwards I layered a custom message for my client to it. 


Cookie Delivery

Ordered batches of cookies from the local culinary school. You'd be surprised the kind of deals you can get from your local culinary school. 



Used the Glowforge Laser cutter to created the named flowers for Mother's Day. 


Numbered Address

Using the Laser Cutter & Engraver, create a house number out of acrylic sheets. Currently looking at a way to incorporate solar lights behind it to place on a mailbox stand alone. 


Master Class

Those who know me, know I'm an early bird. Often waiting as early as 4am to get a front row seat to see Brian Speak at Master Class. These were the Poppy's I was giving out to the early birds that attended. 


Closing Gift pop-by

Occasionally I will find something cheap like Olive Wood from Marshalls and I will apply Resin (takes several days) and then will engrave a message for my clients. This is often used as a closing gift / pop-by. 


Referral Map

Here's a Referral Map I created for my fellow Buffini Peeps that I saw at MasterMind, Master Class, and the Teams conference. I designed, and had it printed at Staples, and placed them in plastic sleeves. They were a hit. 


St Patrick's Fortune cookie

Recently purchased Green Saint Patrick's Fortune Cookies on Amazon and 4 Leaf Clover Lollypop's for some quick and fun Pop-By's. Each cookie has a very special Irish Message. 


Cheese Board

Visited Ross or Marshals and purchased these Cheese Cutting Board packs and created these gifts for some giggles. 



The 10 Scrolls

Taken from "The Greatest Salesman In The World", the 10 scrolls make a great gift for clients that are struggling to stay positive day to day. The board was purchased through Michael's and engraved."


Day Light Savings Coffee Candies

Great gift for people struggling to adjust to Daylight Savings. Materials include Coffee Cups, a few coffee beans in the cup, a coffee filter, coffee candies, labels that have the date of Day Light Savings, and Cellophane bags to wrap the cups in. 


Stain Guide

Created this Stain Guide in Powerpoint, then laminated it, and then added magnets to the back so clients could attach them to their laundry machines. It's a quick reference and ensures you remain top of mind as solutions oriented.

Screen Shot 2020-05-30 at 2.09.30 PM.JPG

Custom Coasters

Cut from the laser cutter and glued together from Acrylic. They make great gifts. 



AM Cards has some great items of value that you can deliver with a custom card of your own creation. Here's just one example of some brownies I sent Brian. 


Personally engraved spoons

The spoons are purchased from Marshalls or Ross, and then I use the laser engraver to add some wonderful words of wisdom. 


Chocolate covered strawberries 

The glass containers were purchased from Ikea. Make your own chocolate covered strawberries and print your own labels to add to your pop-by gift. 


Jamming for your referrals

Ordered the homemade apple butter in bulk and then printed labels and delivered. 


Resin Cutting board

Ordered a cutting board from Amazon and then used resin and laser engraved it for my client as a closing gift. 


Fun Apron

Purchased basic aprons from Bed Bath & Beyond and then used the Cricut Vinyl Cutter to create the design and heat transfer it over. 


Cardboard cutout

Using the laser cutter and engraver, I created this art out of cardboard amazon boxes. 

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