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Will The CyberTruck Fit?

Upon taking delivery of the CyberTruck, I drove it around for about 3 hours or so to see how it handles and I have to say it was a real joy. It's powerful, elegant, silent, and man does it ever turn a lot of heads. To say that the CyberTruck stops traffic would be the greatest understatement of all time. People literally lose all sense of driving when they see it and many of them feel like they must capture the moment with their phones. It's crazy to see so many people have a complete disregard to the other drivers around them as they gawk at the truck.

In my own neighborhood, I'd say currently 2/3 of all traffic slows down or stops completely just to get a look at the "spaceship from another planet." Today, I even had 3 separate neighbors knock on my door asking if they could take photos and ask questions. It really is quite a spectacle. That being said, there's still a few haters out there, who belt out obscenities about how ugly it is. I think it's funny that they think that I'm going to respond...

So the first challenge I've encountered with the CyberTruck has been with parking. It's so boxy that it's hard to determine how close you are to the front and the back. The vehicle does not have have the surround stitched video that I've come to enjoy with the Rivian R1T where you can have a Birds Eye view when you're parking. Instead you struggle too determine where the corners begin and end. This was particularly a challenge when I tried to fit both trucks in my driveway. I eventually gave up and only parked the CyberTruck in the driveway.

I was eventually able to make them both fit, but it took a little extra effort. See below.

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