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CyberTruck Delivery Day

Today, I took delivery of the Tesla CyberTruck that I placed a deposit on almost 4 years 4 months ago. Initially we expected the vehicle to be priced at $49,999, but then a year ago we learned that due to inflation the cost increased to $79,999. For those of us who placed our deposits on Day 1, Elon Musk gave us another shock when he said that the customers who were most loyal to the Tesla Brand would have to pay an additional $20,000 to take delivery on time taking us to a $99,999 purchase price, more than double what we expected. Elon Musk did include extra bells and whistles to that value. Nevertheless, many long time Tesla customers were pretty upset.

The other thing we learned is that many of the capabilities that make Tesla Vehicles unique to the market would not be initially included like "Full Self Driving", "Enhanced Autopilot", and Self Parking, as well as promised features like "PowerShare." Still, when you see the vehicle up close and in person, it really looks space aged, menacing, and just completely out of this world. For those of us who love the look, it's a dream come true.

Leading up to delivery, you must use the App to upload your Driver's License, Insurance, Payment, and sign some electronic forms. On the delivery day, I was sort of surprised that nothing was asked of me, not even my drivers license (unlike Apple when picking up a repair or taking delivery). I wondered, what were the chances that someone else could drive off with the vehicle. I received a full walk around, basic information, and I was told I could pretty much drive off... Because I wasn't familiar with the "Yoke" steering wheel ands the fact that turn signals and shifter were missing, I couldn't quite figure out how to place the truck into Drive or Reverse. Hint: It's all on the screen. Once I established how I could make it "go", I was off, with a slightly concerned passenger. I think he was hoping I wouldn't crash it into the front of a Hotel, like what just happened in Beverly Hills, CA. I have to say, it took some getting used to, but nothing painful, just a bit of a learning curve.

It's worth noting, I was looking for rust spots and I couldn't help to notice all the finger prints. All I can say is that I can't wait to wrap the truck.

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