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Current & Past Marketing 
Thanks for visiting my marketing page. Here are just a few things I'm currently working on or have implemented in the past. 
Wonder Woman - Movie Night (Drive-in  Event) 

​Step 1 - Determine a date to hold the event

Step 2 - Contact vendors (we used the Swap Shop)

Step 3 - Determine availability, price, and food restrictions

  • Swap Shop had open availability, Charged $7 a head, must use vendors

  • Vendor offered sandwich, chip, drink special for $

Step 4 - Determine who you'll invite (A+, A, some B's, Vendors)​

Step 5 - Vendor Sponsor

Step 6 - Create Online Registration Page (through Wix)  

  • Questions include: # attendees, sandwich preference, & contact details

  • Setup event auto email reminders Same Day, 3 Days out, 7 Days out

Step 7 - Create QR Code of registration page to add to invitation

Step 8 - Create Invitation & send out 

Step 9 - Make Custom Bags (Ordered bags in bulk from Amazon) then use Cricut to add their names to the bags 

Step 10 - Order Snacks, glow sticks, and fun stuff for the bags

Step 11 - Prepare scavenger hunt sheet for people do do in their cars and post on social media 


  • 1 Week Later - "Did you receive the invite?" Confirm attendance, Register Online

  • 1 Week Before - Confirm attendance - Answer Questions (Must Register on website) 

  • 3 Days Before - Confirm attendance - Answer Questions (Must Register on website) 

  • 1 Day Before - Confirm attendance - Answer Questions (Must Register on website)

  • Day of - Confirm attendance - Answer Questions 

  • Event - Greet Participants at the gate, give directions to park, food, 

  • 30 Minutes After Movie Starts, handout the remaining food bags out

  • During Movie Event, visit each car, say hi, and ask if they need anything 

  • ***During event you may have 1 person who drains their battery. Be sure to confirm there's someone available to give a jump*** I had one with this issue and stayed with her until we could get the jump/ She was eternally grateful. 

  • Post event, follow-up on scavenger hunt on social media

  • Send Post event Cards

  • Follow-up with phone call

Screen Shot 2021-02-23 at 10.04.54
St. Patrick's Day Raffle 
  • Purchased 6 Pack of cards from Hallmark

  • Easy Peel round labels from Avery 22877

  • Office Depot Tickets (used Avery16431 Printing Template)

  • $1 Lotto Tickets 

  • Created a Zoom Meeting then copied the meeting invite address

  • Created a QR Code on a free QR Code generator 

  • Ordered Plastic Shamrock Coins from Amazon

  • Ordered Clover Confetti from Amazon

  • Masks are included with the card, but will be one of the prizes



  • 1 Week phone call - "follow-up phone call - Did you receive the card?"

  • 2 Week Reminder Email (Raffle) - Ways to increase chances

    • ​Invite includes 1 raffle ticket​​

    • Past Referrals within the last year = 1 raffle ticket each

    • Referrals received before the raffle = 2 raffle tickets each

  • 1 Week before Email (Raffle) - Raffle coming up

  • 5 Days before Email (Raffle) - Raffle coming up

  • 3 Days before Pop - By (St Patrick's Day Mask) - Raffle coming up

  • 1-2 Days before Phone Call Reminder - Raffle coming up

  • Day of Email Reminder - Raffle is today

  • 1 Day After Card, thanks for attending the raffle

  • 1 Day After post parts of the zoom call video recording on Facebook

  • 1 Week After Call, "how did you like the event?"

Thank you for visiting. Due to popular request, I will continue to update this page with various activities and events I provide to my friends, clients, and referral partners. Please feel free to add your contact details if you would like to receive future updates regarding postings  


Thank You!

Sean Sassoon

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Oh By the way... I'm never too busy for your referrals. 

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